BISMUTH Team Progress Report – July 15 2019

15 June 2019 – 15 July 2019



This month witnessed the introduction of our first mobile wallet- brought forward by Chainzilla, shared Hypernode hosting by MNSF, a listing on the Graviex exchange, and much, much more. There have been a ton of behind-the-scenes work which will be highlighted below- let’s delve into the rest of this month’s progress report.

Core Development

  • Incremental stability fixes (peers and db handling).
  • Tokens methods fixed.
  • Better check for corrupted Heavy3 file.
  • Cleaner and safer stop method, no more accepting incoming connections when stopping.
  • “addpeers” command and related utility, in order to feed new peers to a running local node.
  • New doc on bootstrapping methods here.
  • RPC server supports new style addresses.
  • Experiments on alternate indexing and querying methods for significant performance improvements, will be in next release.
  • Legacy wallet gets a repository of its own here.
  • Bismuth now supports several cryptographic primitives and gives the user the choice, you can read more here.


Hypernodes witnessed a massive overhaul to stability and performance this month to resolve network issues. More information below.

  • Debug and performance improvements.
  • More diagnostic tools.
  • Many tests.
  • Payouts analysis and debug.
  • Completely rewriten mempool implementation, largely optimized.
  • Identification of blocking points leading to stuck Hypernodes.
  • Huge stability and resilience improvements on latest development version.
  • MNSF partnership – shared and full Hypernode hosting. Nice success so far with several Hypernodes already, see the #mnsf-shared-hn discord channel or here.
    Full hosting means the user keeps full control of his collateral (min 10K $BIS) and only delegates the hosting and maintenance of his hypernode.
  • Specs for Pawer Hypernode monitoring; Pawer monitoring feature by iyomisc: watch and get PM notifications straight via discord PM.


Tornado Wallet

The Bismuth Tornado Wallet witnessed the addition of new language translations as well as support for new address schemes this month. More information below.

  • Integrated Korean translation by @heavens, Hindi Translation by @desitranslator.
  • Prepare for JP and ID Translations.
  • New addresses scheme support (as per recipient addresses, not own yet).
  • Add support for mempool txs.


Infrastructure & Ecosystem

This month witnessed the integration of the “rain” command to the Discord Pawer bot. This brought forth a ton of new, active users into the community, and lots of more active addresses on the network. This coupled with the mobile wallet release is an extremely positive dynamic for network utility and community expansion.

  • Protection against messageless transactions to exchanges (wallet server). This will avoid many user mistakes, reduce support load for the exchanges, and save time for the users.
  • BismuthClient is updated to support new addresses styles since 0.0.45 and optional mempool query for an address.
  • Several improvements and feature requests to BismuthClient by @Endogen, to ease onboarding of new devs by having a clear architecture and working, with related doc.
  • New “mpgetfor” and “mpgetforjson” command available on wallet servers and websocket wallet servers.
  • Wallet and websocket wallet servers do now support sending to/from new addresses schemes.
  • Several bugfixes and performance improvements to wallet servers.
  • More wallet servers to support growing client number, including mobile wallets.
  • Pawer update with rain command and more, associated com, happy hours events with help of Boardwalk.
  • Pawer now supports withdrawing and operation to new addresses schemes.
  • Update of exchange markets for Pawer.
  • Creation of new scripts to feed json APIS, providing data for Hypernodes listing and monitoring services.
  • Initiate Docker repository for Bismuth images – WIP.
  • Official API for supply, found here.
  • Welcome to Mobile Chameleon wallet BISMUTH! Find more here and here. iOS as well as Android are available.


Version 1.0.0 of the new Bismuth Explorer was released.

  • Look and feel changes using Bootstrap 4 page rendering with custom CSS capabilities.
  • Bismuth plugin module sending data to Kafka implementation via Kafka producers.
  • Explorer uses Kafka consumers, direct node API queries and legacy node database queries to present data via sockets-io
  • Updated API with standard Bismuth API read queries as well as some custom API queries.
  • Data on front page is updated as new blocks and transactions are reported by the node.
  • Support for future address format changes.


This month saw Bismuth getting back on CMC, new listings, and a contest from Dragginator that sparkled gamers interest.
Bismuth also targets new markets by translating its core info to more languages.

  • Graviex listing announcement, found here.
  • Graviex has a faucet, some funds were sent there to attract new users, see here.
  • Dragginator anniversary cup, more information available on the official blog¬†and on Twitter here, and here. Video available here.
  • FAQ: Python functions for total coin supply.
  • Update of bismuth coin supply document.
  • Exchange fund setup, full information in the Discord channel, pinned to the #exchanges channel.
  • Bismuth is back in business on CMC!
  • Translations of Announcement and whitepaper for Asian market: Japanese, Korean and Chinese, found here.
  • MNO Listing of the 10k Bismuth Hypernodes see here.
  • How to import an encrypted legacy wallet into the new Tornado Wallet, found here.
  • How to Encrypt and decrypt off chain messages between BIS users, found here.

Research & Mid-Term Development

  • ECDSA/ED25519 addresses testing is underway.
  • Extra API calls to support a new stats reporter and explorer app.


Mostly tech support to help our partners integrate BIS.
We are proud to make ourselves available for all integration needs, be it just light support or more complex tools, improvements to existing applications and protocols.

  • Chainzilla support for mobile integration.
  • Graviex support..
  • MNO tech support.
  • MNSF tech support.
  • New – unannounced – exchange support
  • Tech support for a new coin likely to clone the Bismuth protocol.