Dragginator: New Cup and update

In a previous article I told you about about Dragginator, a NFT game based upon the Bis Blockchain: https://hypernodes.bismuth.live/?p=230 Don’t miss that post!

The game is now 1 year old, comes with new features, and runs a new soccer cup with prizes to celebrate. It’s more than time to give it a try, get a draggon an enroll it in the cup!

Sneak peek into the new 3D game: You can do that and more, right now, with your hatched draggon!

How to get an egg?

See https://dragginator.com/help.php?help=0

You’ll need some bis, and a bis wallet (legacy, Tornado Wallet  , or the Pawer wallet integrated right within Discord)

You can also try the eggdrop and win free eggs.

How to get a draggon?

Any question, and iyomisc is available on twitter and on Discord, Dragginator channel, to help.

How to register my draggon(s) to the cup?

See the help: https://dragginator.com/cup_help.php . You can do it from the legacy or Tornado wallet, as well as with the Pawer bot (new “sign” command just added)
This uses off chain message signing, so doesn’t cost you a thing.

Be a real draggon

The registration to the cup is open until June 20, be quick and fire right now: more than 1000 $BIS worth of prizes have been confirmed so far!!!

Some links you may find useful

Bitcointalk announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4906274.0

Some more links: https://github.com/bismuthfoundation/Awesome-Bismuth/blob/master/Dragginator.md

An interview about the previous cup: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitsignal/developer-interview-draggon-s-eggs-soccer-cup