BISMUTH Team Progress Report – August 16 2019

15 July 2019 – 15 August 2019



This month brought in numerous improvements for the core node and the rollout of Hypernodes branch 0.0.99 – a significantly improved and much more stable version. We also witnessed a couple of new exchange placements- on VGate and FinexBox. Let us delve into the rest of this month’s progress report to find out more.

Core Development

  • Incremental improvements to node code for use in docker context
  • Docker images for node and websocket server– To be found on Docker Hub.
  • Node, RPC server, Wallet server, Websocket server can now be run under docker, published at Docker hub.
  • More explicit and systematic error messages in answer to “mpinsert” requests, helping users troubleshoot send transaction fails.


Significant improvement in Hypernodes stability was achieved with the new 0.0.99 branch. More will follow now that bottlenecks have been identified.
Hypernodes are growing, are more stable, and still display a nice 24% annual $BIS interest rate.

  • Many tests with 0.0.98 incremental versions
  • Release of first version of 0.0.99 branch with many improvements, including completely new companion plugin.
  • Related update doc
  • Troubleshooting stalled PoS chain, auto update of late nodes to latest 0.98 version.
  • Further analysis of 0.99 version behavior
  • Identification of a further performance bottleneck to be worked on
  • Identification of a conceptual bug in the best chain selection algorithm, that favored splits, to be solved.
  • Auto updater for Hypernode beta99 and Python 3.7.

Infrastructure & Ecosystem

This month much work has been done on the Json-RPC server and docker images. The goal is to improve Bismuth compatibility with BTC standards and ease up the job of third party developers, especially for exchanges integration.

  • Wallet server optimizations and troubleshooting, tests and benchmarks
  • Qtrade supports withdrawal to new gen $BIS addresses.
  • Support and interaction with exchange developers, nice suggestions to improve bis ease of use for more exchanges.
  • Json-RPC server: “native” proxy for native commands by Viteshan, “getblock” and “gettransaction” as requested by exchange developers.
  • More work on Json-RPC server: support for wallet encryption and wallet info calls. Systematic return info from sendtoaddress
  • Demo scripts and related doc for Json-RPC server
  • Update of node to support new Json-RPC features
  • Update of Node and Json-RPC images with latest code and features.


This month brought in an interview and podcast featuring Bismuth, as well as reworks of the website, announcement thread, and whitepaper.

Research & Mid-Term Development

  • New API calls to be documented
  • Research on new concepts TBA
  • Further analysis and planning for future forks and large performance improvements
  • Work on database structure and significant reduction of needed storage for full chain.


Mostly tech support to help our partners integrate BIS.
We are proud to make ourselves available for all integration needs, be it just light support or more complex tools, improvements to existing applications and protocols.

  • Lot of public and one to one help for Hypernodes updates, upgrade and third party developers.
  • Pawer bot and rains are fun. Regular users do rain themselves, like Chase did with $BIS 1000.
  • Here’s how to create your own address and get tips/rains.