New exchange listing: Graviex

Listing your coin can appear to be an easy task when you read some suggestions:

“Why don’t you apply to…”
“Devs should get on ….”
“Just submit”
“Pay the fees”

Difficulties of listing a new coin

One thing is that we try hard to avoid fishy exchanges- including the ones with extremely low, or even worse, fake volume. Some exchanges are not afraid to sell “liquidity” packages (re: fake volume) as part of their offering.

Among the possible candidates, the road still is full of traps:

  • Insane fees or starter fee + monthly payments for fake volume, coins for airdrops, fees for forks, etc. We are not a multi-million dollar ICO.
  • We are proud to be a custom coin, from scratch. Some exchanges do not want to go through the “pain” and only accept clones. Yes, they want to get paid several BTC to copy a template, but not for actual integration work. We have a pretty clear document for them with several strategies and offer our help- for free.
  • There is a lack of communication, it is hard to reach exchanges.

Despite the obstacles, the team does continue to try and pick exchanges we have good feedback on. That was Graviex’s case, and they implemented BIS quite fast.

Graviex Pros

  • Very quick and responsive support.
  • Not afraid of integrating a custom coin in short timespan.
  • Fast deposits (6 confirmations only).
  • Support via tickets, tested to be efficient and fast.
  • Strong Discord presence.
  • KYC not needed for the first level of verification (200,000 BIS or 2 BTC daily withdrawal limit).
  • BTC and ETH pairs.
  • Listed on CMC.

Graviex Cons

  • Your account is not 100% safe until you are verified- check their terms & conditions.
  • Do not use for direct mining rewards: like others BIS exchange, deposits need a custom message with each deposit. Use Tornado or Pawer as a temporary wallet.
  • They ask you to do no more than one deposit per hour.




Following this listing, the BIS currency should once again be active on CoinmarketcapРone of the oldest and largest market data sites in the industry. Facilitating the exchange of Bismuth on multiple platforms is the first step in creating the backbone for a robust as well as diverse market. The Graviex listing will be one of many as we pursue this goal, and strive to achieve further market adoption within the crypto-sphere.


The Bismuth Foundation