Bismuth Hard Fork at block 1,450,000 – Nov 26.

During November 2019 the Bismuth community went with the first governance vote, about supply emission. The issue was overwhelming votes for a fork to support a supply reduction. If you missed it, you can find it here. Since then, the team worked hard to implement the change and release a stable version, now out.Questions and answers regarding this fork have been divided into three categories- Regular users, Hypernode owners, and miners.

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Outcome of Bismuth’s First Governance Vote

Decisions are the most crucial part of advancing a project. Without them, ideas lie in-acted upon, development stalls, and instead of progress there is stagnation. The Bismuth Foundation is well aware of the dangerous path of inaction, and has always committed a full effort towards advancing the platform at a steadfast pace. One such large advancements have come into fruition recently, with the conclusion of Bismuth’s first Governance Vote- BGV-01. BGV-01 was a motion that combined a new and revolutionary governance protocol with branching decisions that would impact Bismuth on a grand scale – retain the current emission schedule (option …

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Voting page Helper, Dev and Bounty

Bismuth community is currently voting whether or not change the supply emission (see BGVP-1).In order to allow easy and un-restricted access to the vote, the team went for a full client side helper to generate voting transactions.This ensures full privacy and allows to vote from any wallet.External help was welcome to get it successfully running and a Bounty will be awarded.

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