Bismuth gets an iOS + Android mobile wallet!

The mobile industry is an ever-growing market that has had an unfathomably positive impact across the globe. The traditional smartphone device acts as a gateway to the digital realm, which in result enables an increasingly interconnected society. It is both a technological and societal revolution that has witnessed an unprecedented pace in growth, with adoption even in the most under-developed parts of the world. In fact, according to GSMA Intelligence, as of 2017, there were over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers across the globe- far more than the number of people that own household computers. The mobile device has grown …

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Dragginator: New Cup and update

In a previous article I told you about about Dragginator, a NFT game based upon the Bis Blockchain: Don’t miss that post! The game is now 1 year old, comes with new features, and runs a new soccer cup with prizes to celebrate. It’s more than time to give it a try, get a draggon an enroll it in the cup!

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BISMUTH Bounties: First rewarded project

As announced previously, the Bismuth Foundation is moving forward with a revised and improved bounty schedule- primarily targeted towards projects that offer utility to the BIS ecosystem, as well as overall marketing campaign efforts. We very soon will be bringing forth our first iteration of bounties targeting the Bismuth utility category.

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Bismuth Post Fork Update

Last night, we witnessed a successful hard fork of the Bismuth blockchain to v4.3.0.0 – which offers increased Hypernode rewards, lower mining emissions, and an overall improved and upgraded version of the platform. That’s right: we included some major upgrades, but those will be discussed at a later date!

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Bismuth Bounties are coming!

When Bismuth launched in early 2017, it entered the industry with a new, original codebase developed in Python. Not a single dollar of capital was raised, and till this day it remains that way. At the time, competing projects without a single line of original code were easily raising millions of dollars- which enabled them to ludicrously spend their vast reserves on paid articles, advertisement slots, extreme social marketing, and perhaps biggest of them all: exchange listing fees.

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  In the middle of May, we announced the v4.3.0.0 Strategic Hard Fork scheduled for block height 1,200,000. The fork will primarily bring forth changes to Bismuth’s emission schedule- shifting a percentage of PoW emission to HN rewards. If you missed it, you can find it here. Over the following week, community members were able to submit questions for a Q&A pertaining to the hard fork- available below. Questions and answers have been divided into three categories- submissions from regular users, Hypernode owners, and miners.

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