BISMUTH Team Progress Report – Feb. 15 2019

15 Jan 2018 – 15 Feb 2019>/p>


If we had to emphasize one item from this report, that would probably be the Autogame tournament since it’s a good real world example of the Bismuth ease of use.
Autogame is a very simple game, based upon simple rules and events from the chain as well as commands from players. Still, our users enjoyed themselves a lot!
What is more important is how easy it was not only to code the game, but also to integrate it in the Bismuth Eco system: The game was quickly integrated in our Pawer Discord bot, so anyone was able to play right after joining.
It also demonstrated the “Crystals” power from the new generation Tornado Wallet: the Autogame now has a dedicated – optional – screen. That means any game or app built on top of Bismuth can have almost instant exposure as part of the wallet, and use the wallet as a framework to do all the heavy lifting.
All this is possible thanks to the specific Bismuth extensible structure, python code base, pluggable node and wallet, and our abstract operations support via “operation” and “data” meta fields.

Now, for the detailed report:

Core DEV


  • Thanks to Bizzzy, id a bug in current node code that lead to loss of connectivity
  • Several fixes and improvements to 4.2.9 branch


  • Found and probably fixed an hard to debug issue “no HN found, closing – try to restart” issue on some VPS types.
  • Adjusted PoS network parameters to account for increased number of HyperNodes and inactive HyperNodes – no action required, handled by rainbow list and PoS protocol
  • Mitigation of low quality nodes sending incoherent transactions and penalizing good actors
  • Work on a long term fix


  • Tornado Wallet refactoring and improvements – Multiwallet, full encryption, spend protection –

    Soon to go out of Beta, it’s still time to complete the missing translations!

  • Tornado Wallet Beta version release: Win and Mac installers and sha signatures.
  • Autogame Crystal: Tests and debug, Beta release as part of the Tornado wallet.
  • Tornado Wallet testing, work on FAQs
  • Began major update of Bismuth Explorer. Development work on real time update on front page with node plugin, look and feel of site, Mempool and wallet server information.
  • Bismuth Explorer: testing other pages and reworking api to include node api commands.

BIS Projects DEV

  • Pawer Autogame cog: Our pawer Discord bot is modular and allows for easy extensions.

    You can play Autogame straight from the discord.

  • OTC Trade Discord Bot. Adaptation of a Discord bot to handle an OTC order book (trade still is manual and needs escrow).

    You can WTB and WTS from the #otc-trades Discord channel.

Partnerships and contract dev

Research & ongoing DEV

  • Ongoing research about practical atomic swap info.
  • Brainstorming about other tournament/games, cross game opportunities.
  • Gathering experience by learning tricks from over coins with fresh code bases. Learn about python memoryviews.





  • Internal org discussions, long term tasks planning
  • Dev funds usage and bounties amount thinking