BISMUTH Team Progress Report – March 15 2019

BISMUTH Team Progress Report

15 Feb 2019 – 15 March 2019


Since the wording of this report seemed to confuse some users, let be clear: this is not an achievement report.
It’s a synthetic list of tasks the team worked on over the said period of time.
Some things went through, some "just" were worked on and will still need more work to be completed. In both case, it’s progress and the goal is to shed some light on the internals of the team work.

As you will see, despite some holidays, the team was pretty active.

Now, for the detailed report:

Core DEV


  • Adjustments for people working with the code to have better natural understanding of the code
  • Removing an issue where node would disconnect valid connections and slow down the syncing process (bizzzy)
  • API improvements
  • Added a tool to safely stop the node to the installer
  • Simplified code after updates

Tornado Wallet

  • Private labels and labels edit
  • user selectable language
  • removal of unused data and items
  • bug fixes
  • New translatable terms, updated translations thanks to the many contributors
  • Definition of an internal testing plan so the team can extensively test the wallet on several platforms and browsers before releases.
  • Much testing before first stable release.


  • Update of some nogui scripts

Partnerships and external dev

  • Heavens, one of our users, made a BIS balance checker for command line users.
    His CLI util demo allows to gather the balance of one or several BIS addresses at once, and demo the ease of use of the BismuthClient Python package
  • Third party mobile wallets integration research – chameleon , trustwallet
  • Possible bounty for trustwallet integration

Research and experimental dev




  • Cryptopia is in recovery mode. All $BIS that were on the exchange are safe on a new wallet, the exchange re-opened in read only mode then allowed to cancel the pending orders.
  • On going research, reach out, evaluation

Roadmap evolution

As you can see from this report, comparing with the roadmap, short term goals have been worked on:

  • Run bounty projects, improve dev doc, attract new devs on side projects.
  • Better support for tokens and multi-addresses in wallets
    (Tornado wallet now supports multi-addresses)
  • Push the new gen Tornado wallet out of beta (Almost out)
  • Add features and themes to the new gen Tornado wallet
    (features added, themes in the works by external devs)
  • Develop partnerships around Hypernode hosting – Still ongoing
  • Ever going effort to get listed on more – reliable – exchanges.
  • Rewrite of core code to ease maintenance and external devs adoption
    Significant progress on the core code
  • Optimization of sql requests and DB access
    Significant progress on the core code, still ongoing, plus upcoming rewrite.

Mid term items also have been worked on at various levels:

  • Hack with Bis repo and tutorials
  • Work on Whitepaper
  • Website reorg