Bismuth listed on VGate and FinexBox


The Bismuth Foundation has been busy with arranging for exchange listings lately- with a couple of successful placements and more in the pipeline. The two exchanges Bismuth has been listed on recently are VGate, a DEX developed by San Francisco-based Vite Labs, and FinexBox, a large Chinese-based exchange. Both placements help Bismuth establish a greater footprint on the market and grants the project exposure to hundreds, if not thousands of new potential investors. A diverse selection of exchanges from all across the world helps bolster the platform’s access to different audiences- in the case of FinexBox, the Chinese cryptocurrency community. Bismuth is a global project, and a market presence across the globe is one of the facets that make this statement true.


VGate is a decentralized exchange, maintained by Vite Labs Limited- a San Francisco-based company. A thing to note is that the development team at VGate has opted to list Bismuth by their own choice, free of charge. From the beginning, they decided to work on integration of Bismuth to the DEX. This goes to show that the Bismuth platform has some level of recognition within the crypto and fintech industry insiders and leaders. A big thanks to the team at Vite Labs and their decision to pursue Bismuth integration as one of the first listings.
It’s also interesting to note that the integration process went smooth with nice dialogue between the developers of Bismuth and VGate: Some new API calls have been added to ease up integration with later exchanges, and Viteshan even contributed some code that makes it possible to call any native method from the Json-RPC server.


FinexBox is a Chinese-based exchange that boasts over 250,000 registered users and over $200,000,000 USD of daily trading volume. They listed Bismuth in quick and short order after a very reasonable listing fee was covered.
The “How to implement Bismuth” document was all they needed, and a few days later Bismuth was alive. Proof, if needed, that a custom and from scratch currency like Bismuth is not necessarily hard to integrate.