BISMUTH Team Progress Report – April 15 2019

BISMUTH Team Progress Report

15 March 2019 – 15 April 2019


Between emergencies and hot fixes, the team does go on with background and long term tasks.

Not all tasks can be worked on every month, not all lead to deliverables, but the team is hard working as ever.

Main completed task of this period was the official release of the Tornado Wallet as well as the Bismuth Whitepaper, V1.

When most crypto-currencies fill whitepapers with promises then try to get them work, we made it work first, then explained in the whitepaper what works and how.

Now, for the detailed report:

Core DEV



Tornado Wallet

  • Translations updates.
  • Latest bugfixes
  • First official release
  • Play with termux on android – thanks to discord user Heavens. Tornado Wallet runs on Android.
  • Listing and planning for Wallet future features
  • Handle translations and BIS address gathering to thank translators for their involvement

Partnerships and external dev

  • Upgrade of official BIS infrastructure with websocket wallet servers as well as secure wss:// endpoints, for html and mobile wallet clients being worked on



  • Light ongoing work on website re-org, nothing to be shown as for now.


  • Cryptopia still is in recovery mode. We don’t have more info that what is public. The Cryptopia team is busy securing all assets. BIS is not at risk, process is ongoing, we’re confident.
    Bis trading was re-activated on mars 19, wallet operations still are disabled.
  • Tradesatoshi BIS users experienced issues with wallet not being sync, stuck withdrawals. We’re trying what we can to reach out and help Tradesatoshi sort out the issues, as well as directly map and consolidate users issues so they get their bis back. It’s a tough task that will need some time, but be assured we take that very seriously.
  • is awesome as ever
  • Vinex is active, support seems to be reactive, they just need some volume
  • On going research, reach out, evaluation