Bismuth Mobile wallet: Genesis and Reward

For way too long, Bismuth had no proper mobile wallet. One historical reason is that – despite being the fastest growing language – Python on mobile still is not mainstream. Sure, you can run a fully functional Tornado wallet on Android, but that’s not a 2 click install. That’s certainly not an excuse however and the team saw the need for an easy to install and operate mobile wallet.

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Bismuth on a Raspberry Pi

In October 2020 Ubuntu released a desktop version (20.10) specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4 arm64-based computer. Since Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating system for Bismuth nodes, and since the Rasberry Pi 4 has a total of 4Gb RAM, it should be possible to run a Bismuth node on it. This article describes the process of how to set up a Bismuth node on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu desktop version 20.10.

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