Bismuth Bounties are coming!

When Bismuth launched in early 2017, it entered the industry with a new, original codebase developed in Python. Not a single dollar of capital was raised, and till this day it remains that way. At the time, competing projects without a single line of original code were easily raising millions of dollars- which enabled them to ludicrously spend their vast reserves on paid articles, advertisement slots, extreme social marketing, and perhaps biggest of them all: exchange listing fees.

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  In the middle of May, we announced the v4.3.0.0 Strategic Hard Fork scheduled for block height 1,200,000. The fork will primarily bring forth changes to Bismuth’s emission schedule- shifting a percentage of PoW emission to HN rewards. If you missed it, you can find it here. Over the following week, community members were able to submit questions for a Q&A pertaining to the hard fork- available below. Questions and answers have been divided into three categories- submissions from regular users, Hypernode owners, and miners.

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Bismuth Strategic Hard Fork v4.3.0.0

Over the past couple of months, Bismuth has undergone major shifts- technologically, socially, and economically. We witnessed a massive upgrade and restructuring of the core code that spanned over 200 commits, that was finalized in version in late March of this year. Fast forward to the start of May, and we made our first announcement for Hyperlanes- an infinitely scaling form of direct data exchange between nodes which enables the inter-connectivity of the future- coined “Internet Within Blockchain”. We have made strides in expanding our team to include new members that are actively assisting in areas where we were …

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

You have just come up with a great, innovative idea, and you have summarized it in a document including some drawings. You have done some searches in patent databases, published journals, conference proceedings, and you are quite confident that no one else has patented or published this idea before. How can you protect your intellectual property? The normal procedure in such a case would be to start working on a patent application, especially if you work for a large company which has the funding to pay for patent related expenses. But what if you do not have the funding available …

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BISMUTH Team Progress Report – May 15 2019

15 April 2019 – 15 May 2019 Preamble Over the past month, the Bismuth Foundation has been engaged in the planning, development, and release of numerous improvements and updates. Although the vast majority of activity goes under the radar, it all builds up to something that will be felt by every user of the Bismuth platform. This month has seen numerous updates to the core code, a milestone in marketing planning, as well as an introduction to Bismuth’s first use-case: the protection of intellectual property, secured directly on the Bismuth blockchain. Although more information on this will be announced very …

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Bismuth – The 2nd Year Milestone

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle Earlier this month, we recognized the 2nd anniversary of Bismuth’s launch which occurred on May 1st, 2017. It was a humble project- with herculean ambitions. An independent, open-source, unfunded venture that sought to establish itself in a merciless industry in which the competition numbered in the thousands. Although there were many hallmarks that distinguished the project from the countless others, the team chose to walk the quiet route, allowing time to nurture, improve, and expand the platform during its infancy- a tedious task that was colossally complex in its undertaking. …

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BISMUTH Team Progress Report – April 15 2019

BISMUTH Team Progress Report 15 March 2019 – 15 April 2019 Foreword Between emergencies and hot fixes, the team does go on with background and long term tasks. Not all tasks can be worked on every month, not all lead to deliverables, but the team is hard working as ever. Main completed task of this period was the official release of the Tornado Wallet as well as the Bismuth Whitepaper, V1. When most crypto-currencies fill whitepapers with promises then try to get them work, we made it work first, then explained in the whitepaper what works and how.

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How to Use the Bismuth Tornado Wallet on Android Using Termux

The Bismuth Tornado Wallet can be used on an Android mobile phone in combination with Termux. This document describes how to get the wallet running under this setup. First, find Termux in the Play Store and install it as shown in the screenshot on the left. Once installed, start Termux and type in the following commands (except the lines starting with #, which are comments): pkg install python wget clang # default wget doesn’t handle https # pycryptodomex doesn’t seem to build unless clang is installed manually # [maybe optional] needed hash -r to force use of newly installed wget …

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BISMUTH Team Progress Report – March 15 2019

BISMUTH Team Progress Report 15 Feb 2019 – 15 March 2019 Foreword Since the wording of this report seemed to confuse some users, let be clear: this is not an achievement report. It’s a synthetic list of tasks the team worked on over the said period of time. Some things went through, some "just" were worked on and will still need more work to be completed. In both case, it’s progress and the goal is to shed some light on the internals of the team work. As you will see, despite some holidays, the team was pretty active.

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BISMUTH Team Progress Report – Feb. 15 2019

15 Jan 2018 – 15 Feb 2019>/p> Foreword If we had to emphasize one item from this report, that would probably be the Autogame tournament since it’s a good real world example of the Bismuth ease of use. Autogame is a very simple game, based upon simple rules and events from the chain as well as commands from players. Still, our users enjoyed themselves a lot! What is more important is how easy it was not only to code the game, but also to integrate it in the Bismuth Eco system: The game was quickly integrated in our Pawer Discord …

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