Voting page Helper, Dev and Bounty

Bismuth community is currently voting whether or not change the supply emission (see BGVP-1).
In order to allow easy and un-restricted access to the vote, the team went for a full client side helper to generate voting transactions.
This ensures full privacy and allows to vote from any wallet.
External help was welcome to get it successfully running and a Bounty will be awarded.

The voting helper

The voting helper works by using a BIP-39 passphrase as an entropy source, deriving keys (alike a HD wallet) for your voting addresses, then disposable keys for every motion you vote upon.

From a UX point of view: a single passphrase to remind, and you have access to any voting key you'(ll ever need.

Handling these key generation and transaction assembling on the client side, in a browser, allows for easy and secure access (it’s hosted on Github pages: Bismuth Voting Helper, but can also be run locally or on an air gapped computer) whatever the user OS.

Help was needed

Bismuth is a Python centered coin, and the team devs do not have extensive experience with JS development.

A call for help was made to the community, in order to get some back up.
We needed a proper scaffold, help with syntax, gluing things together, building and distribution of the helper…

The specs were written, a Python implementation was working, we needed more.

Third party dev to the rescue

Hopefully it was not long until @aravindballa said hi and gave a hand.

Thanks to his kind and professional help, the helper was up and running in time for day 1 of the vote.

The team did work on the core crypto engine, and Aravind helped scaffold, design, package, test… the whole thing to have it working and usable.

Aravind’s experience proved most useful and the Bismuth team is very grateful for his help!


A few tips have been sent via the discord Bot, but did not reflect Aravind’s work and implication.

A $BIS 1000 bounty will be awarded from the dev funds for the help so far.


It was really amazing to witness the power and dedication of the Bismuth and open source community.
State you problem, ask for help, and you can get invaluable help from users.

This is the kind of experience that gives faith in a community and let foresee nice things for the future!

You can follow Aravind on twitter: @aravindballa.