“Bauer”: Bismuth Telegram Bot, dev and bounty

The Bismuth Team is very excited to announce the birth of “Bauer”, our Telegram Bot.
Bauer was fully developed by Bismuth user Endogen and made open source. It’s now active on the Bismuth Telegram.
A bounty will happily be awarded.

Welcome in the Bismuth Family, Bauer!

Bot commands

Bauer shares some similarities with Pawer, our discord bot. They are like cousins :).
Bauer thus ships with most of the commands that made Pawer a success in onboarding new users and sparking interest, mostly tip and rain commands. Here is the full command list:

  • about – Info about bot and its creator
  • address – Shows your wallet address
  • balance – Shows your wallet balance
  • deposit – Shows qr-code for your address
  • feedback – <your feedback>
  • help – Shows overview of available commands
  • rain – <total amount> <number of users>
  • tip – @<username> <amount>
  • board – tip | rain – Shows leaderboard
  • accept – Accept terms and create wallet
  • withdraw – <address> <amount> – withdraw to an external address

The bot genesis

Much effort has been put lately in easing the access to the Bismuth chain for third party developers. This includes more doc, “hack with bis” repo with code and app sample, and a “BismuthClient” python module that is just a “pip install” away.
That BismuthClient module by the way is the core of the Pawer Bot and Tornado wallet as well.

Endogen wanted to dive into Bismuth, had prior experience with Telegram bots, and proposed to code one for Bis. A most welcomed proposal!
In the process, Endogen also provided valuable feedback and hints regarding the structure and possible evolution of the Bismuth client module.


Bismuth has a bounty program at https://github.com/bismuthfoundation/Roadmap/tree/master/bounties.
Spontaneous proposals are also welcomed, and Endogen’s falled in that category.

The team will award $BIS 2.000 from the dev funds for the bot.

Key takeaways

  • Bismuth is warmly welcoming new talents, no matter their prior blockchain experience
  • Tools with simple interface are available to build upon Bis with high level calls.
  • Team is there for help when needed
  • Practical devs on BIS are rewarded
  • Bauer Bot will help quickstart the Telegram community like Pawer did for Discord
  • Bismuth Onboarding is easier than ever
  • Bismuth confirms its use as “building blocks” for any blockchain application