BISMUTH Team Progress Report – September 16 2019

15 August 2019 – 15 September 2019



This month has witnessed great strides in progressing towards a decision in deciding the future monetary policy of Bismuth. With the release of the initial Bismuth Governance Vote, individuals within the community can soon vote upon the future emission schedule of the platform using a novel approach designed by the Bismuth Foundation. Along with the governance shift, there have been other notable updates which will be highlighted below.

Core Development

Current node version is stable.

  • Improvements to peers handling and related error logging.
  • Planning for futures core improvements.



More work on hypernodes performance and stability.

  • Leaking sockets bug fixed.
  • Updates and fixes to the auto installer, thanks to users feedback.
  • One performance bottleneck clearly identified.
  • Research, test and benchmarks to select a faster replacement library for PoS crypto, while keeping the compatibility to avoid a hard fork.
  • Release of v0.0.99g with significant performance improvement.
  • Adjustment of the PoS network parameters for smoother operations.


Infrastructure & Ecosystem

Ongoing improvements.

  • More improvements to Json-Rpc server
  • Update of node and json-rpc server Docker images, alpha 1.4.



The Governance shift is the main event this month.


Research & Mid-Term Development

  • Ongoing work on stealth tokens.
  • Still ongoing integration on a new exchange.



Most of the work was related to the governance and voting protocol.

  • Attempts to reconcile protagonists views about governance and potential chain metrics change.
  • Research about other chains, game theory, futarchy, bribe attacks.
  • Draft specs of the Bismuth Voting protocol for Governance.
  • Small steps toward hardware wallets for BIS.
  • Assistance and architecture design for a Bismuth use-case on top of Hypernodes.