BISMUTH Bounties: First rewarded project

As announced previously, the Bismuth Foundation is moving forward with a revised and improved bounty schedule- primarily targeted towards projects that offer utility to the BIS ecosystem, as well as overall marketing campaign efforts. We very soon will be bringing forth our first iteration of bounties targeting the Bismuth utility category.

Utility is a vastly important proponent that most crypto-projects fail to address. It is an essential element that adds true value to platforms in the industry- as most solely exist for speculative purposes, and offer nothing beyond that.
The Bismuth Foundation envisions a utilitarian future for the BIS platform, but for any healthy decentralized ecosystem, the contributions to achieve that vision must be diverse, and not come solely from a single entity. This is where the first iteration of bounties come in- to kick-start the initiative by offering a monetary incentive. As with all good incentives, this should attract the intellectual capital of developers in this industry to begin work on utility projects that add value to the Bismuth platform.

There are a host of services that already offer varying degrees of utility for Bismuth, ranging from simple block explorers to complex gaming dApps. One of the more notable services is the “Pawer” bot on Discord, that bridges all Bismuth-based interactions with the Discord UI.

The “Pawer” bot was created by iyomisc, who is not part of the Bismuth Foundation and created the bot on his own initiative. This utilitarian service puts Bismuth at the fingertips of new users that don’t wish to download the wallet- all it takes is two Discord commands to generate a new Bismuth wallet. This quick and easy process allows virtually anyone to store Bismuth and interact with existing dApps on the Bismuth platform- such as games like Dragginator and Autogame. The bot also enables tipping- an essential part of any established crypto-platform. Users can seamlessly give each other BIS through simple commands in the Discord chat channels. The bot is also open source, which enables other developers to use the code as a reference for their own Bismuth-based projects.

This project is the typical example of what the team hopes to favor with bounties: modular, open source code that targets the end user, by removing friction points and ease on boarding of new Bismuth users and dApps developers.

A bounty of 5,000 BIS will be issued to iyomisc for his work on integrating Bismuth with Discord. The “Pawer” bot will hopefully just be one of the countless utilitarian features on the Bismuth platform. It bridges Bismuth and Discord, and in the future, we hopefully will have projects that bridge Bismuth with established real-world businesses, start-ups, and individual projects.
Bismuth is a platform that enables feature development in Python, and so the potential growth is boundless and the audience limitless.

The Bismuth Foundation


For more info about the Pawer bot:
– Video how to:
– Github:
– Bismuth Discord, see #pawer-bot channel