Bismuth Post Fork Update

Last night, we witnessed a successful hard fork of the Bismuth blockchain to v4.3.0.0 – which offers increased Hypernode rewards, lower mining emissions, and an overall improved and upgraded version of the platform. That’s right: we included some major upgrades, but those will be discussed at a later date!

As of block 1,200,000, the network is running stable and blockchain is propagating smoothly. All respective exchanges, pools and third party services updated prior to the fork, so there were no interruptions.
Mining emissions received a ~13.5% reduction, however Bismuth still remains one of the most profitable coins to mine.
In addition, the Hypernode network has seen an increase in returns by a factor of 3, currently sitting at ~37%/annum – making it one of the most competitive investment vehicles in the industry.

Next week, we plan to announce phase one of the Bismuth bounty rework, along with the June progress report shortly after. Stay tuned for more information.

The Bismuth Foundation

If you did not update yet (nodes only, not wallets):
Latest release is
And see Fork F.A.Q. if needed