Dragginator enters OpenSea

Launched in 2018, Dragginator is one of the first NFT projects ever created, living on the Bismuth blockchain.
Dragginator eggs are virtual animals which can be raised and bred.
Each NFT is a generated unique dragon egg, with specific aesthetics and features.

You can now send your Dragginator eggs and dragons to ETH, and trade them on Opensea.

Why ETH and Opensea?

Despite being one of the first such projects, Dragginator gained little traction compared to later, similar projects launched on ETH, due to the difference in audience.

OpenSea is the de facto reference marketplace for NFTs, so it was inevitable to establish some presence there.

About the Dragginator ecosystem

Dragginator began with algorithmically generated eggs very early, when generated art was not even a thing on Eth.
Every egg is truly unique, result of a custom 3D model with many details, bump, color, texture…
Every one also has an element and specific characteristic when it’s born.

Later on, The eggs gained the ability to hatch and become a dragon – with similar texture – you could see in a 3d world and fly. Then came the merge: the ability to merge 2 eggs and get a new one, that somehow inherits from both merged eggs. This is especially interesting since you could them breed more powerful eggs, that will be able to win the contests…

Dragginator also comes with a in house marketplace. Any egg or dragon you own you can offer for sale.
Over the months, the marketplace saw some nice activity, with users selling their best eggs, or even breeding powerful eggs to sell them.
For a while 5 $BIS was the highest price for an egg (you can get a fresh one for just 3 $BIS, very soon to become 5 $BIS), then 7, 10, and soon 35 $BIS for a powerful egg, a record that hold for some time (You can see the marketplace history there). March 2021 saw a new record with a 550 $BIS sale, then 2400 $BIS…
This may seem low compared to the crazy prices you see on Eth, but what a move from the start!

As of today, the record is 9400 $BIS for this egg, an awesome “Zaltys” egg, 1157 days old

You can manage your eggs from the dragginator.com website, from the Crystal on Tornado Wallet, and since a few months, you can also access them from the mobile wallet.

Moving an Egg to Eth

Moving one of your eggs to ETH will have it automatically listed on Opensea, so you can put it for sale.

This is a process in several easy steps:

  • Go to the egg page, for instance here we’ll go to https://dragginator.com/dna/12iE9NRKCqwGEj3bcVvNjHDsSEZz7https://dragginator.com/dna/12iE9NRKCqwGEj3bcVvNjHDsSEZz7
  • Pick the “infos” tab
  • Paste your ETH address in the field (this is the address where to send the egg), and click “Send to ethereum”.
  • A popup will open, with the Bismuth transaction you have to send. Copy that bis url for instance, and send it from your wallet (from the wallet that owns the egg of course).
  • Once that Tx is on chain, your egg will be archived, no more available on Bismuth: Take care to check the ETH address twice, you can’t change it afterward:
  • The tab will then have a link to the ETH bridge page instead of the “send” form.
  • The ETH bridge page is available at any time, and shows the minted and to be minted eggs: Dragginator ETH Bridge.
  • This page will need you to have your metamask configured, and on the ETH mainnet network.
  • Click the “Mint” button for you egg, Metamask will open and ask for confirmation
  • Once the Eth tx has gone through, your egg will be shown as “minted” and will be visible on opensea shortly.

So, in a nutshell, you just have to follow the directions, with the 3 required steps:

  • Tell the ETH address to send to
  • Send the Bismuth transaction from the owner address
  • Send the ETH minting transaction


What can I do with my egg once it’s on ETH?

Once on ETH, your egg is a regular ETH ERC721 Token, part of the “Dragignator” NFT collection on OpenSea.
We took care to whitelist Opensea proxy, and lighten the smart contract so to keep the ETH fees minimal.

You can transfer your NFT to another wallet, sell it on Opensea aso.

Can I hatch or merge my ETH eggs?

This is only possible with Bismuth controlled Eggs. Hatching, merging only is possible from Bismuth.

Can I send an ETH Egg to Bismuth?

You can not – yet.
Later on, you’ll be able to burn your Egg on ETH and get it back on the Bismuth side.

Can I send my Egg to (polygon/sol/some other chain)?

You can not – yet.
Other chains may be supported in the future. Tell us!