Introducing the Binance Smartchain Bridge

BSC Bridge & PancakeSwap Listing

The BSC Bridge has launched, and BEP-20 wBIS can now be minted & released. This also means BEP-20 wBIS is now tradeable on PancakeSwap – the largest BSC DEX, boasting on average over $1B USD trade volume daily. Binance Smartchain transaction fees are on average 250-1000x lower than Ethereum network fees.


wBIS BSC Contract: 0x56672ecb506301b1e32ed28552797037c54d36a9

PancakeSwap Trade:

Poocoin Chart:

BSC Bridge Guide: Published shortly


Listing on PancakeSwap has commenced with a cumulative initial liquidity value of over $20,000 USD (30,000 BIS + 15 BNB). We will be unveiling lucrative liquidity farming incentives to encourage users to add liquidity to the wBIS/BNB PancakeSwap pair. With low network fees, farming wBIS will be extremely viable, even for those that add minimal amounts of liquidity.

More details on BEP-20 wBIS Liquidity Farming will be available soon.

Next Steps

Less than 2 weeks ago, we launched our first ever cross-chain bridge to the Ethereum (ETH) protocol. This introduced ERC-20 wBIS and Uniswap trading.

Today’s launch brings forth a cross-chain bridge to Binance Smartchain (BSC). This introduces BEP-20 wBIS, as well as PancakeSwap trading.

A bridge to Solana (SOL) is in research and planning. More information on this will be available at a later date.

Vite Labs will be creating a Bismuth to Cosmos (ATOM) Bridge. More information on this will be available at a later date.

Bismuth is the first platform to be created in the world’s most popular & fastest growing programming language, Python. An open-source, easy to use, and accessible blockchain protocol for the world.