wBIS Liquidity Farm

Liquidity Incentives

Yesterday, we launched the Ethereum bridge and started trading on Uniswap. Today, we are introducing the wBIS/ETH Liquidity Farm, powered by Unicrypt. wBIS liquidity providers will be able to receive perpetual wBIS rewards, accruing every ETH block (avg. 13 seconds).

How to Farm

In order to be eligible for wBIS farming rewards, you need to supply liquidity to the wBIS/ETH trading pair on Uniswap. After adding liquidity, you will automatically receive wBIS/ETH UniV2 LP-tokens, which can be staked to receive perpetual wBIS rewards.

Once you have supplied liquidity, visit the Unicrypt farm, connect your Metamask wallet, press the “Farm wBIS” dropdown, and you will be able to view your LP-tokens and the stake functionality.

In the Unicrypt farming interface, you can stake your LP-tokens, withdraw your stake, or claim your wBIS rewards.

Once you are on the farming interface, you can press “stake”, which opens a small pop-up that enables you to modify the staked amount. You can then press “approve” – which should create a Metamask popup for you to send the approve-spend transaction. Once your approve-spend transaction has been confirmed, you can press “stake”, which will also open a Metamask popup, for you to deposit your LP-tokens to the Unicrypt farming contract. Once that transaction has been confirmed, you are now part of the wBIS/ETH Liquidity Farm. Farming begins on Ethereum block height 12326972, which is around April 28, 5:00 am GMT. You can deposit your LP-tokens in advance to start accruing rewards immediately after farming begins.

Farm Specifications

  • 16,500 wBIS reward pool
  • 0.0833 wBIS proportionately split between farmers every ETH block (approx. 13 seconds)
  • Farm starts on ETH block 12326972, and ends on ETH block 12525000
  • Farming duration is 30 days.
  • APY (annual percentage yield) can be viewed from the Unicrypt farming interface