Introducing the Ethereum Bridge

Ethereum Bridge & Uniswap launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Bismuth Ethereum Bridge. With the ability to tap into Ethereum’s vast & established ecosystem, Bismuth has been listed on Uniswap – the largest decentralized exchange boasting over $1B USD daily volume and over 1.2M cumulative users.


wBIS ETH Contract: 0xf5cb350b40726b5bcf170d12e162b6193b291b41

Uniswap Info:

Dextools Chart:

Ethereum Bridge Guide:

New Resources

As well as Bismuth’s entrance to the Ethereum ecosystem, we are pleased to unveil a new website, centered around wBIS & catered to new users. With a modern & minimalist theme, this new website showcases Bismuth’s utility, shares relevant resources, and highlights details on minting/releasing wBIS:

We have also established a new Telegram channel, catered to the fresh faces, new users, & avid traders in the Uniswap community. Visit here:


Listing on Uniswap has commenced with a cumulative initial liquidity value of over $30,000 USD (105,000 BIS + 7 ETH).
We will be unveiling lucrative liquidity farming incentives to stimulate an expansion of wBIS liquidity on Uniswap. This will include a short-term high APY farm in which users can deposit wBIS-ETH LP tokens, and in return receive perpetual wBIS rewards, withdrawable at any time, accruing every Ethereum block (approx. 13 seconds). Be sure to add liquidity to wBIS on Uniswap to be eligible for high APY farming.

The Unicrypt farm will operate from April 28 2021, you can already stake there. Please check the wBIS farming guide.

Next Steps

The Ethereum bridge was a grand finale of many days of hard development, however it is just the beginning.

A bridge to Binance Smartchain (BSC) is in early development, and will be delivered with improvements after the ETH bridge proves stable under load. BSC is a booming alternative to Ethereum, with super low fees and a substantial userbase.

A bridge to Solana (SOL) is in research & planning. More info on this will be available after the launch of the BSC bridge.

After over 6 years of development, many thousands of commits, and hundreds of thousands of lines of code added, removed, & modified, there will finally be an attention-shift towards garnering exposure towards Bismuth- which has proven to be a time-tested platform with more utility than over 99% of existing alternate cryptocurrencies. This will be accomplished by bridging to multiple chains & protocols, pursuing a DeFi-oriented roadmap, and utilizing the open-nature of DEX trading communities & discussion groups to advertise, promote, & foster growth on Bismuth.

Bismuth is the first platform to be created in the world’s most popular & fastest growing programming language, Python. An open-source, easy to use, and accessible blockchain protocol for the world.