Real time Hypernodes map from Dingo

We’re always happy to see new users jump in on the Bismuth Discord and ask questions.
More over dev questions…
And above all, we like it when these users then come back with a “Oh, by the way, I just did that small thing…”

The map

Here is what “Dingo” did:


After Dingo announced his map, a tweet was sent out by a team member:

After some quick exchanges…

A new version was out, with the financial metrics and USD value you now have access to.

Reading between the lines

One nice thing this map also shows is that while keeping an eye on the current trends and newest promising technology, Bismuth continues to grow its fundamentals.

Have look at the upper left corner, with the core financial Hypernodes metrics in a snap:

Yes, the Bismuth Hypernodes still pay more than 17% yearly. Not for 1 month before vanishing, but every single week since they’re up, more than 16 months ago. This is sustainable, this is an in-deniable proof users keep faith in the project.
More than 7 million BIS staked. More than 26% of the total supply. More than $820,000 locked. Awesome is it not?

Low cap, yes.
Low profile, certainly.
No future? Great Scott! Far from it 😀


A reward of 1000 $BIS will be sent to @Dingo as a thank you for his work.