Bismuth Team progress report – December 2020

This report covers November 18, 2020 to December 19, 2020.

Behind the scenes

Bismuth block # 2,000,000 was mined a few days ago.

The team is actively working on Bismuth 2.0, associated communications and a brand new roadmap.

Core Node

More testing was conducted in order to make sure the V2 code is fully compatible with the current network and allows to run nodes, wallet servers, as well as Hypernodes without troubles.

This included from scratch install in different contexts, config and many, many restarts and log processing.

Nice progress has been made on the conversion and import process, and we fixed several under the radar and previously unnoticed bugs.
In fact, the chain integrity is tested more in depth with V2 code and this helped to pinpoint underlying errors in bootstraps or previous nodes.
As a result, the nodes, chain and official bootstraps are now more robust than ever.

Full Hypernode compatibility showed some hiccups and is undergoing deeper testing.


Current Hypernodes ROI is 19.6%, slightly up from 19.2% in November. We count 237 active Hypernodes with a total amount of active collateral of 6,430,000 BIS. That’s a reduction of 7 active nodes since the last report.

Data from the Hypernodes page.

The plot below shows all Hypernodes, both Active and Inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen from the plot, the number of Hypernodes is currently at 301, mostly flat since the previous report.

Total number of Hypernodes, both active and inactive.

The plot below shows the total Hypernode collateral, both active and inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen, the total amount of collateral is quite stable at about 7,890,000 during this period. The total amount of BIS in circulation is 26,38 million. Hence, the amount of active collateral accounts for 24.4% of the total supply, or 30.0% if the amount of inactive collateral is included.

Total amount of HN collateral, both active and inactive.


Angainor released a nice Open source Paper Wallet generator and HD wallet for Bismuth.
From a single seed (passphrase) you can generate an unlimited number of Bismuth addresses.
This uses the ECDSA scheme, one of the 3 cryptographic schemes Bismuth does natively support and is based upon industry standards BIP39/BIP44.
This wallet can be used for cold wallet or gift cards for instance.
Github source
Hosted version
Nice work by @Angainor , that was missing to our tool set.

Still no news from Chainzilla or Open sourced Chameleon.
However, we were able to rebuild part of the wallets.
If your Chameleon account was created after Sept 2019, then you can get the same keys and addresses with Angainor’s Brand new Paper Wallet (see above).

New Custom Discord bot: in order to mitigate the ever growing spam from Uniswap scams and waves of bots joining, Iyomisc created a brand new bot, now protecting the Discord. It has proved being much effective and is also used on the Nyzo discord.

Mobile Wallet

Chameleon disappearing and not releasing as open source left us with a bad taste in mouth. So we looked for help and moved forward.

Thanks to the help of RedDwarf, a mobile developer, Bismuth now has a mobile wallet.
This wallet is currently in closed Beta testing. If you want to actively test it and report potential bugs, please ask on discord and we’ll show you.

The wallet is open sourced, and written with the Flutter framework.
This allows for Android and IOS (plus Web) compatibility, while relying on a single code base.

We are very grateful for redDwarf’s amazing job and are very eager to officially launch this new, custom, awesome wallet!


Cryptopia liquidators started the account recovery process. Users should have received an email (tweet).