Bismuth Team progress report – July 2020

This report covers June 23, 2020 to July 21, 2020.

Core Node

Trust, but verify…
No doubt the Bismuth developers are talented, but better make sure ground is covered.
Unit and end to end tests are usual nowadays and every “serious” project has a test suite.
Bismuth is no exception and recent work go in that direction.

Some core modules like Polysign and BismuthCore already had some tests, and now the core node itself has a growing test suite.

This is not just cosmetic: these tests are a nice step forward and will make sure the shift to the upcoming optimized db structure is as painless and bugfree as possible.

Bismuth tests are easy to run thanks to an auto-starting regnet node.

In parallel, work on the new database version is also going on.


Current Hypernodes ROI is 19.8%, stable from the last report. We count 237 active Hypernodes with a total amount of active collateral of 6,380,000 BIS.

Data from the Hypernodes page.

The plot below shows all Hypernodes, both Active and Inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen from the plot, the number of Hypernodes is currently at 325, up two nodes since the previous report.

Total number of Hypernodes, both active and inactive.

The plot below shows the total Hypernode collateral, both active and inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen, the total amount of collateral has increased with about 60,000 BIS during this period. The total amount of BIS in circulation is 24,7 million. Hence, the amount of active collateral accounts for 25.8% of the total supply, or 34.6% if the amount of inactive collateral is included.

Total amount of HN collateral, both active and inactive.


Bismuth tokens are a nice but relatively obscure feature of the Bis chain.
They are part of the second layer Bismuth protocols, can be created and transfered via the regular Bismuth Wallets.

Thanks to Iyomisc – a community dev – Bismuth now has a Tokens explorer.
It’s available at and does the usual things:

  • List all available tokens
  • List token balances of an address
  • Show last tokens transactions
  • Show richlists…

A matching repository with node plugin and python module to interface can be found here.

Damian then made a Video explaining how to use the tokens feature on both Legacy and Tornado Wallet, see his tweet and here is the video:


  • Damian released a super lightweight Bis landing page at targeting the Why Bismuth? question.
  • Showcase of the WebAPI-PHP-Badge tutorial from “Hack with Bis” at the site
  • Video tutorial showcasing the dynamic balance badge from the Hack-With-BIS series.