BISMUTH Team Progress Report

15 Dec 2018 – 15 Jan 2019

Core DEV

  • Full Chain Bootstrap solution
    The team designed, developped and documented an easy to use and safe bootstrap solution.
    This covers automatic distributed bootstrap file creation, hosting, api, as well as client helper script.

    No more spending hours trying to sync a new node!

  • New gen Wallet (Tornado)
    Hardening safety, Crystals demo, code reorganisation, translations updates, second alpha release, work on spend safety, full wallet encryption.

    The wallet will be easier and way safer to use, still nice looking.

  • Tornado Wallet translations
    This needs an entry of its own since the community answer to the translation project was awesome and much appreciated.

    You’ll soon get the localized wallet you deserve!

  • Work on BismuthCore, architecture and abstraction.
    In addition of the current Node code, We started a completely new branch of the Node code.
    This is a nearly from scratch work, getting deep into base structures and low level. The goal is to use the experience of the currently working node, and simplify, improve the code architecture.
    Bismuth grow from simple code to something complex, it’s now time to up the game and make things easier both for us, core devs, as well as third party devs.
    Objects and abstractions are used, and some historical design choices can be tweaked, while aiming at keeping the compatibility.

    This rework will help to write a better documentation and better cope with the complexity of the code.

  • Automatic checkpoints

    Reduces the risk of large rollbacks

  • Various core node improvements
    SQL optimizations, database handler, thread queue experimentation

    Faster node

  • Code style improvements
    fstrings, use of objects, legacy code adjustment, removing of unneccessary casts

    Safer and more readable code

  • Fixes
    multiwallet encryption issue, password cache cleared

BIS Projects DEV

Partnerships and contract dev

  • Secret work related to hardware wallets

  • Support and tools for ongoing contract developement

Research & ongoing DEV

  • Hyperlane technology: design and first code
    Hyperlane basically is internet in the blockchain: allows to use the BIS infrastructure as scaffold for peer to peer, off chain communication.

  • GPG experiments, explore the use of OpenPGP cards as hardware Bismuth wallets

  • Research on U2F tokens for enhanced tornado wallet protection

  • Research and test with fountain codes for safe document archiving

  • Theorical research for possibly faster node sync via balances list, or part of blocks only (merkle proofs)

  • ongoing theorical research on atomic swaps

  • research on side/child/cross chains space


  • Work on documentation about private contracts concepts

  • First steps of website re-organisation

  • Total supply script and doc

  • content ideas planning



  • Qtrade is technically working without any issue we’re aware of

  • Tradesatoshi experienced frozen node. We are offering our help to help diagnose possible issues, and debug if this is a Bismuth issue.
    More issues seem to be linked to tradsatoshi themselve (backlog of transaction to re-emit).


  • Discussions about the opportunity of a supply change

  • Internal network and core services reorganisation (explorers, api and bootstrap servers)