Bismuth Team progress report – April 2020

This report covers March 20, 2020 to April 16, 2020.
The Bismuth team is still alive and kicking, working hard on Bis with clean hands and masks when on video call.

Read on below:

Core node

Like said in the previous report, a huge reorg is undergoing to allow for significant improvements and future features.

Best place to keep up to date on the details is the Github hook channel on our discord. This is still a work in progress and so far we were able to keep full compatibility with existing nodes, ecosystem and network.


Current Hypernodes ROI is 20.2%, up from 18.5 in the last report. We count 234 active Hypernodes with a total amount of active collateral of 6,240,000 BIS.

Data from Hypernode page.

The plot below shows all Hypernodes, both Active and Inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen from the plot the number has been increasing steadily, going up to 323 HNs. The fact that both the ROI and the number of HNs are increasing at the same time, means that there are more Inactive nodes than usual. This means that some HN owners should probably update their software to the latest, and we also ask HN owners who leave to unregister their nodes.

Total number of Hypernodes, both active and inactive.

The plot below shows the total Hypernode collateral, both active and inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen, the total amount of collateral increased by 2.3% during this period, from the lowest level of 8.06 million Bis to 8.43 million at the end of the period. The total amount of Bis in circulation is 23,55 million. Hence, the amount of active collateral accounts for 26.5% of the total supply, or 35.8% if the amount of inactive collateral is included.

Total amount of HN collateral, both active and inactive.


  • Bismuth was spontaneously listed by CoinLore aggregator, here
  • A “Hello World” crystal was developed for the Bismuth Tornado Wallet including a blog article dissecting the code. The article was written with the goal to help new Dapp developers getting started with the Bismuth ecosystem. The code itself is in the Tornado Wallet repository and the related tweet is here.
  • Damian hosted a Chess 960 tournament, with prizes in $BIS. See announce here.
  • Bismuth price is now listed on Coinbase, see here


  • Damian published a new video: “How to load a wallet.json file into the Bismuth tk-wallet” (tweet)

Bismuth team accepted a marketing offer from Cryptoshib to write and post an article about Bismuth “Bismut, a dApp building platform that doesn’t bite” here and related tweet.
The post was relayed on several websites:


The article was featured on several homepages as well:


Finally some news from Cryptopia funds…
The court validated the assets – BIS and BTC hold on user’s behalf – were the user’s, and not the company’s.
See the tweet and related document. Full resolution will likely need time but hope is still there.

Community feedback

A new use case for Bismuth has been proposed: buy gift cards – like amazon, netflix, phone refills – without kyc, directly with $BIS.
You may already know this kind of service working with other mainstream cryptos. Here, you would be able to use $BIS directly.

The idea was suggested to our community, comments and answers were overall very positive.

So, stay tuned…