Bismuth Team progress report – March 2020

This report covers February 15, 2019 to March 20, 2020.
Despite the news and global economic slowdown, the Bismuth team still is working hard on Bis.

Read on below:

Core node

Significant work was done – and continues to be done – on the core node code.
It would be too lengthy and technical to enter the details, but huge reorg is undergoing to allow for significant improvements and future features.

If you’re watching the Github hook channel on our discord, you should have seen the very regular commits there.

Just a few of the recent commits to core code

The changes are mostly incremental rather than a fresh start, so we can keep up with the existing node compatibility and stability.


Thanks to our user chiwalfrm, the Hypernode starting sequence has been largely optimized and makes it easier to run on lower end hardware.
Start up sequence requires heavy checks that can be lengthy on some vps.
As a result, the watchdog cronjob was sometimes killing a booting up hypernode.
Current version is 0.99i10, still under testing and includes improvement to logging as well as performance to tackle that issue.
More insight into ongoing work can be found on the – updated – Hypernode roadmap, see the series here.

Current Hypernodes ROI is 18.5%. We count 254 active Hypernodes with a total amount of active collateral of 6,820,000 BIS.

Data from the Hypernodes page

The plot below shows all Hypernodes, both Active and Inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen from the plot the number has been quite stable during this period, ranging between 309 and 319 HNs.

Total Number of Hypernodes during the Last 60 Days.

The plot below shows the total Hypernode collateral, both active and inactive, during the last 60 days. As can be seen, the total amount of collateral increased by 4% during this period, from the lowest level of 7.92 million Bis to 8.24 million at the end of the period. The total amount of Bis in circulation is 23,25 million. Hence, the amount of active collateral accounts for 26.5% of the total supply, or 35.4% if the amount of inactive collateral is included.

Total Hypernode Collateral as of March 22, 2020.

More insight into Hypernodes, what goes on behind the scenes, and what they will become can also be found in the newest series from EggdraSyl. See Eggdrasyl’s Roadmap, Episode 0 and following ones.


As other coins have been, Bismuth was targeted by malicious people creating a fake Github org – cloning our wallet with malware inside – then sending PM to the Discord users in an attempt to have them “upgrade” their wallet.

We do **NOT** DM spam our users. Required upgrades – rare – are announced in our “News” channel and on Twitter. Take care!

A screenshot of what the scam attempt looked like

We instantly banned the scammer account, warned our users via news and twitter, and reported the account to Github.


User Cipery made a nice dApp based upon Bis.
It’s called BisDraw and allows you to register a canvas, then draw via transactions. You can even get paid when users draw on your canvas, give it a try!
A blog post covers the process and app: here.

A baby board to test the app. Add your pixels there!


  • Bis Draw, a new user contributed dApp here and tweet.
  • Hack with Bis : send a transaction from the terminal with Python (tweet).
  • Eggdrasyl’s roadmap, ep. 1 – Tanstaafl! (link).
  • Eggdrasyl’s roadmap, ep. 2 -Free lunch, yet no dishwashing (link and tweet).