Bismuth Team progress report – February 2020

This report covers January 15, 2019 to February 15, 2020.
Most of the activity relates to media posts and new roadmaps.

Read on below:


The release of Hypernodes V1 is still to come.
Current version is 0.99i7, still under testing.
More insight into ongoing work can be found on the – updated – Hypernode roadmap, see here.

Current Hypernodes ROI is 19%.
We count 250 active Hypernodes with a total frozen collateral of 6,640,000 BIS.

Data from the Hypernodes page

More insight into Hypernodes, what goes on behind the scenes, and what they will become can also be found in the newest series from EggdraSyl. See Eggdrasyl’s Roadmap, Episode 0.


Pawer got several improvements – again – to fight against spambot accounts.
This may not be visible from the outside, but moderators as well as Pawer developers are working hard to keep you safe and further strategies are being discussed.

The node map now does include the Hypernodes as well and you can zoom in to see the details. See Tweet here.


  • BisBabble ep2, featuring Endogen. To be found here.
  • 2019 Github activity in video, video and associated tweet.
  • Bismuth features and highlight in video by Gigison, video and related tweet.
  • BisBabble ep3. featuring ShadowCrypto, here and related tweet.
  • Eggdrasyl’s roadmap, ep. 0 (link).


Hubi went through a maintenance period where they deactivated all coins to upgrade. The situation with BIS/BTC is back to normal, but don’t forget to refill your orders there- the orderbook has been wiped in the process.

Cryptopia liquidators published the documents related to the upcoming court hearings, see Tweet.