EggdraSyl’s Roadmap, ep. 0

As the regulars may have seen, our Discord was quieter than usual since the New Year.
Does that mean the team is on holidays? Far from it.
Quiet periods are very welcomed and put to profit to think and work on BIS’ future. And a bright future we have in stock.

Our global roadmap is updated very occasionally, and does not reflect the real state of Bismuth development efforts. So, I wanted to engage myself in a more personal way, and tell you what I – EggdraSyl – am working on in the mid and long term.
Some of the things I’ll speak of are very unique to Bismuth and never seen in the Crypto industry.
Some others do exist under a different form, and the Bismuth Philosophy allows to simplify them and render them more stable and straightforward.

This series is not the usual and official communication from the team. I speak on my behalf only and I do engage my words – personally. What I’ll announce is as solid as I am and comes in addition to the work of the rest of the Bismuth core team and my other work as part of the BIS team.

I promise you no shilling, just real tech and awesomeness.

One of the core things I’m working on – and the team as well – is optimization of the core node code. As you saw in some of the interviews series, the code readability and documentation can be improved – and has to be in order to make Bismuth a more welcoming project for new developers.
Bismuth’s foundations are solid. Effective. Working stable on the long run.
Showing how it works and how you can use it as building blocks is still a work largely in progress.

In that spirit, I’m happy to announce that several low level optimizations we worked on over the last year are now ready to be integrated in the context of the node. All core developers are currently planning, discussing and benchmarking the options to start from a clean base.
That reorganization will allow the use of more straightforward data structures, easier to understand and to document. Therefore noticeable benefits for external developers.
This is not an easy task, because we want to make it seamless to our users and service providers and certainly not break something. Bismuth’s code may have some “singularities”, but it works – In real life, for long.

The current Master branch of the repository is now in a stable enough state, all planets are aligned and this is the current background project of the core developers.

For those who follow up our announcements and progress reports, this may not be what you’d call breaking news.
I do agree, it’s not. After all, this is just episode 0 😉

In the next episode, I’ll introduce the first of the awesome features of BIS you may not be aware of:

Feeless transactions for dApps

Remember: I promised no shilling, 100% hotness.
This is not a Proof of concept, a work in progress nor a fuzzy plan. This is something that already exists and just waits for users and developers to notice and take advantage of.

See you soon, and in the mean time please react on Twitter and Discord.
Let bring $BIS – together – to the place it deserves! I know you certainly can.