Bismuth 2019 Github Activity Video

Bismuth- being fully from scratch and open source- most of the development activity can be tracked via Github.
Of course, there are also off-the-scene private discussions, benchmarks and tests, but Github is the most accessible place to get development metrics.

The Github Year in video

Without further ado, here is the video of the Bismuth Foundation Github commits over 2019:

What is displayed in this video?

The video only shows the files that were added, deleted, or modified during the watch period.
We chose to “merge” all repositories in a virtual one instead of spreading over the various repositories. That means all files at the root of their respective repository will be seen at the center of the graph, sub-directories around them.
Non code related files – like images – were excluded from the logs.

How did you do that?

Simply using available open source tools, reading the docs, writing a few scripts to handle repository consolidation and process the video files.
You can read more about the whole process on last year’s post “Bismuth – Visualizing one year of open source development

More insight into the Bismuth team work

Monthly reports are another way to keep synced with the team work. They show a high level and more extensive overview of what is done, be it development, social or media wise.