Bismuth Team progress report – January 2020

This report covers December 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020.
We’d like to take the opportunity to wish every BIS user the best for this new year. Be assured we’ll do our best to continue developing BIS and its ecosystem more than ever!

Since the end of year is a rather chaotic period for work, not much is to be reported, but we will stick to the calendar, read on below:

Core node

The nodes are running smooth and stable, confirming that the current branch is a stable state to build upon.
Performance tweaks are being tested and there is a groundbreaking change planned for ease of maintenance as well as scalability.


The release of the long awaited Hypernodes V1 has been delayed due to the holidays. Official release will be out during the next 30 days with stability fixes as well as added features.


Spammers and scammers are more active than ever on Discords – not just ours. Thanks to @ShadowCrypto, our custom – and open source – Pawer bot is being continuously upgraded to mitigate the threats.

@Iyomisc started a “New Year” Dragginator cup. The cup pot is 2000 BIS, and more goodies will be included as rewards. Follow Iyomisc twitter for more info and updates.

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  • Updated Coinpaprika exchange listing information with Hubi and Unnamed exchange.
  • ViteX exchange: Market-making as mining is live. You can get a bonus when making a BIS/BTC buy or sell order. You can use our referral code to get 10% off of transactions fees and extra mining rewards: 2392043978.