Let it snow!

It’s Christmas time, and whether you enjoy a snowy winter or not, the Bismuth team is there to let you experiment the magic of a Snowy Christmas!

Pawer snow

Following a suggestion from a user, our Pawer discord bot now supports the “snow” alias to randomly distribute some $Bis to active users.
Its syntax – once in the #Pawer_bot dedicated channel – is

Pawer snow amount/user_count

For instance, to give a total of 10 BIS to 20 users:

Pawer snow 10/20

20 Random users will get 0.5 $BIS each.

Accumulate flakes and roll your snowball!

Getting a Pawer wallet and be eligible for snow is easy!
Just join our discord, go to the #Pawer_bot dedicated channel .
Issue the deposit command, read and confirm:

Pawer deposit

Pawer accept

You’ll then get rains and snow, just by being active.

Christmas Snowstorm

To celebrate Christmas, The team will make it snow on December 25.
Be ready and get your wallet active by then!

We also encourage every fan and $BIS supporter to come and join the battle.
It’s the right time to spread the love and use some of the $BIS you have in your wallet to let it snow in a feisty event!