New exchange listing: Unnamed.Exchange

The Bismuth team was pleasantly surprised to see BIS being listed at Unnamed exchange. Yes, that’s the name!

Bismuth has been listed on Unnamed Exchange. This is a new exchange in the space that has listed Bismuth without any assistance from the Foundation, with multiple developers across Europe and Asia.

Unnamed Exchange features a multitude of trading pairs across hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, with BIS receiving trading pairs to BTC, LTC, DOGE, UTIP, and ETH.

The Foundation welcomes the BIS addition onto the Unnamed Exchange platform.

As with all new exchanges, all investors & speculators need to be cautious and be aware of all risk factors involved with newer platforms.
Unnamed Exchange is a currently-unregistered exchange – there are no fiat pairs on the platform, though this may change in the future.
There is no history of the platform.

As with all precautions, we hope that the new exchange receives a warm reception from the Bismuth community as it is yet another addition to our ever-growing list of exchange listings.

You can find out more about Unnamed Exchange here: