BISMUTH Team Progress Report – November 17 2019


This was a very busy month for the team, with the end of the governance voting period, preparation for the Hard Fork and testing of the new Bismuth Node version, branch 4.4.
Let see in detail:

Core node

Most of the work here was to make sure the codebase was stable and tested enough to be deployed with the fork code.
New features have been added as well.
The timing was very short to give the exchanges and service providers enough time to upgrade before block 1,450,000.

  • Preparing for hard fork
  • HF testing and finalizing release.
  • Reward reduction tested on testnet according to BGVP-01.
  • Protection against message-less transactions to some addresses: it will now be impossible to send a wrong transaction to an exchange requiring a custom message.
  • Reduced Time to live (TTL) of transactions to 2 hours (vs 1 day previously)
    After HF, a transaction older than 2 hours could not be embedded in a block anymore. This will allow to re-emit the failed transactions sooner than before, and also alleviate network load.
  • Docker image upgraded to node version


Mainly tweaks to the scripts to account for easier install and upgrade.

  • Update of manual upgrade notes Here.
  • Upgrade of one liner auto install script.
  • Auto upgrade script was updated as well:


While the team was busy with the core code, our users did not sleep and pursued their own improvements and developments as well:

  • Ironing the kinks out of the Telegram Bot from @endogen.
  • Bugfix in bismuthclient module.
  • Several rewarded improvements to Pawer from @shadowcrypto.
  • Custom script to send back voting $BIS, from ECDSA address.
  • Research, PoC and tests from @whatever and @Endogen to have a python wallet running under kivy, therefore android/ios.
  • PoC of a modern Web Wallet with PWA support, for a seamless and safe mobile experience, thanks to @aravindballa.


  • Marketing/social campaign with BlackskullCrypto – Post is in the works.
  • Voting helper reminder and bounty.
  • End of BVGP-1 voting period, update to voting helper and JSON result API.
  • Public Github hooks channel on Discord, with all commits to BismuthFoundation repo.
  • Blog post about the vote culmination.


  • Bismuth’s ViteX trading volume is being listed at CMC.
  • Exchanges have been warned about the block 1,450,000 fork.
  • $BIS Listing by, to be announced.